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  • Kristi Hughes, ND, discusses IFM’s Functional Nutrition Head to Toe


    P Michael Stone Introduces "Functional Nutrition Head to Toe"

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    Master Functional Nutrition Head to Toe Through the Functional Medicine Lens

    Our exciting new course is to be held in Cape Town on 13-15th February 2014 and Johannesburg 20-22nd February, 2014.
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    What are other professionals saying about Functional Nutrition Head to Toe?

    “I have learned more about the Nutrition Physical Exam from Dr. Michael Stone in the last few years than in my previous 20 years of medical school and private practice. His ability to bring the nutrition related concerns front and center is a real gift. Then he helps connect the dots between what lab values to consider ordering and other correlations to the Functional Medicine Matrix. This is a dynamic, fun, and enlightening hands-on experience for the new-to-nutrition providers and the veteran nutrition professional. “   Kristi Hughes, ND

    "The body has its own sign language that informs about our nutritional health. The nutritional exam as presented by the Institute for Functional Medicine gives clinicians a new lens. Implementing this allows me to prevent and rebalance many health issues."
    Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN, CNS, CHN
    Academic Director of Nutrition & Integrative Health

    “As both an RD and MD, Elizabeth Boham knows what it is like to assess, counsel, manage, and support patients long term with nutrition and lifestyle. Her expertise in identifying functional laboratory values brings knowledge of personalized medicine to a new level. As a busy mom, physician in Mark Hyman’s medical practice, and functional medicine educator you find Liz’s experience and case management experience a remarkable formula for success.”  Kristi Hughes, ND

    Functional Nutrition Head to Toe reviews conventional and functional biomarkers that are used to assess nutritional status. We will explore how your patient's routine lab tests can give you clues to the macronutrient and micronutrient levels in their body, then we go deeper. You will learn what additional biomarkers you could consider to get a more complete assessment, and how the labs can trigger your inquiry into physical exam findings. The uncovered biomarkers are then used along with your patient's anthropometrics, nutrition focused physical exam and dietary assessment to determine what diet and supplements you should use with your patient for optimal health.
    Dr. Elizabeth Boham, RD, MD

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