• The speakers have extensive experience in the use of the principles of clinical care enshrined in functional medicine and have dedicated their time to exploring and researching the effects of this style of health care to ensure you are given contemporary, evidence-based approaches to helping your patients in their journey of health recovery and management. Each of the speakers has a specific area of expertise as well as many years of managing patients in both hospital and/or private clinic settings.

    •Elizabeth Boham

    ELIZABETH BOHAM, MD, MS, RD is board certified in family medicine, with a strong background in nutrition and functional medicine. She graduated with a BS in nutritional biochemistry from Cornell University and an MS in nutrition education and exercise physiology from Columbia University. She is also a Registered Dietitian, practicing nutrition in New York City before going to medical school. She completed her medical school training and residency in family medicine at Albany Medical College. Before joining Dr. Mark Hyman at The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA, she worked as an integrative physician at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, and was a partner with Albany Clinical Nutrition Specialists. She speaks on topics ranging from women’s health and breast cancer prevention to insulin resistance and heart health. She has been the online expert for Self magazine and has contributed articles to a variety of magazines and books. She is married and has two children, Ama and Tismark. Through her practice and lecturing, Dr. Boham has helped thousands of people achieve their goals of optimum health and wellness.

    Kristi Hughes

    KRISTI HUGHES, ND founded the Center of Natural Healing Arts over a decade ago with a vision of providing integrated healthcare solutions for the public, as well as healthcare providers both locally in Minnesota and internationally. Dr. Hughes attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth and then graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR, in 1997. While in medical school she worked at the Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Clinic under Dr. Carolyn McMakin, learning advanced strategies for managing chronic pain naturally through the use of frequency-specific microcurrent. Dr. Hughes became an Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice graduate in 2000 and immediately found that the Functional Medicine Matrix Model offered the architecture she had been seeking to organize her naturopathic education. She went on to re-attend the AFMCP program three additional times over the decade, then joined the faculty on the Detoxification Model, and became an Associate Director of Medical Education for IFM in early 2010. Her role at IFM includes working with the development and teaching teams in the Functional Medicine Certification Program and Functional Nutrition Course. She has been lecturing internationally on lifestyle and functional medicine for more than a decade and has been instrumental in providing functional medicine resources for clinicians and nutrition professionals in South Africa.

    Dr. Hughes is also co-developer of the FirstLine Therapy Certification Program and has specialized in the application of lifestyle medicine for managing CardioMetabolic Syndrome and Body Composition concerns. At her three clinic locations in Minnesota, she manages an integrated team of healthcare providers, which includes naturopathic physicians, nurses, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and lifestyle coaches. Her clinic site provides preceptor opportunities for naturopathic medical students, offers a Naturopathic Residency program, and models the integration of functional medicine with a naturopathic foundation.

    Yael Joffe

    DR YAEL JOFFE PhD, RD is a registered dietician in South Africa who specializes in nutrigenomics. Together with Dr Ruth DeBusk she co-authored the book It’s not Just Your Genes. Yael evaluates current research literature in nutrigenomics and monitors the fields’ significant new trends. She has been involved in several research collaborations with key academic partners from around the world, and is often to be found at the front lines raising awareness about nutrigenomic applications for health practitioners and the public alike. In addition to her research and development work for DNAlysis Biotechnology, Yael has been involved in the development and supervision of nutrigenomics courses in South Africa. Yael recently obtained her PhD from the University of Cape Town, exploring the genetics and nutrition of obesity in South African women.

    Michael Stone

    P. MICHAEL STONE, MD, MS is a board-certified family physician who practices in Ashland, Oregon with Leslie Stone, MD, and David Jones, MD. Their functional medicine practice is thriving. He has experience in rural and frontier family medicine, emergency medicine, and as a hospitalist. His undergraduate and graduate degrees are in human nutrition. He graduated from University of Washington, and did his Residency training in family practice at UCLA-Ventura, where he was chief resident and also completed a teaching fellowship in Family Medicine. He has been on adjunct faculty at UCLA and University of Washington for primary care students in the Doctoring and RUOP programs. His career has offered him medical experiences and practice in Thailand, Alaska, the Eastern Sierras, Idaho, and Oregon. His interests and lectures have covered a wide range of topics‒bezoars, neonatal hypocalcemia, health issues with depleted uranium, exposure to Vitamin D and chronic disease‒and many subjects in between.


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