Frequently asked questions


    Who is it designed for?

    Functional medicine has long encouraged an integrative approach to clinical education. The workshop is for healthcare practitioners who are already qualified in a core discipline and applicants/attendees must be a graduate of an accredited medical, osteopathic, chiropractic, naturopathic, homeopathic, dietetics, acupuncture, pharmacy, physiotherapy or nutritional therapy programme. If you have any doubts you may contact Functional Medicine SA 011 802 8101 to discuss your case.. Previous training in functional medicine is desirable but not essential; a good understanding of the role nutrition plays in health is also helpful.

    Will I receive CPD credits for attending the course?

    Yes, please visit our CPD page

    What are the pre-requisistes for completing this course?

    Functional Medicine Pre-requisites for Functional Nutrition Course; participation or completion required in one or more of the following by January 31, 2014

    • Functional Medicine Introductory Free eCourse through the Institute for Functional Medicine - click here
    • Functional Medicine Study Group participation in 2010-11 or 2013-13 cohorts (FMSA)
    • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) attendance (FMSA or IFM)

    What course materials can I expect to receive?

    You will have copies of all the slides and supporting documents in a PDF format sent to you prior to the course date. You may bring your laptop or Ipad, or you may print the slides for your use.

    What language is it taught in?

    It is taught in English, and there are no onsite translation facilities available. Please attend only if you are competent at understanding a high level of the English Language.

    Can I pay in instalments?

    Yes, please visit our Registration page for full details

    Do I have to attend all the days?

    Yes. In order to achieve your certificate of attendance all 2.5 days must be completed and all attendees must attend all of the individual lectures.

    Can I purchase a single day or combination of days for a subject I am interested in?

    No. The course in an integrated learning programme and is not designed for a ‘cherry picking’ educational exercise.

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